Activities and Region


Our tours

Short walk: Half an hour through the vineyards

Medium tour: One hour, where we go through the woods and visit the two charcas (small lakes)

Long walk: Going to the Ladies of Monte (takes at least two hours).

Guided tours of the house

They are usually made to guests on the first day of arrival, or can be made to non-guests for a fee of 30euros, for which they are offered toast, typical cakes, house wine and lemonade.


Discover the majestic essence of Guimarães where history intertwines with natural beauty. From medieval walls to charming cobblestone streets, immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of this unique city. Feel the palpable emotion that surrounds the cradle of the Portuguese nation and let yourself be enchanted by the hidden treasures of this unparalleled region. Welcome to Guimarães, where the past meets the present to create lasting memories.

Church of Nossa Senhora da Oliveira

Palace of the Dukes of Bragança

Guimarães Castle

Statue of D. Afonso Henriques

Cable car